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Why Many People Will Never Be Financially Free

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The next time you walk down the street, take a moment to notice all the people around you. Most of these people will never be financially free. The reason for this is that middle class people tend to invest the same as everyone else, but not everyone else is financially free.

Middle class living is not living financially free. If you invest like middle class, you will always be middle class, statistically speaking. If you want to become truly financially free, you need to alter the way you think and behave when it comes to investing if you plan to succeed.

All too often, people are duped into thinking that all you have to do to become financially free is go to school, get an education, find a job, save and invest. This is a good plan, but the way you go about doing these things is important to your ultimate success. For this reason, many people following such a plan are doomed to remain in the work field for sixty-five years or longer, retiring with just enough money to survive.

By quickly researching some of the most successful people around the world, you will see that these people did not invest like middle class citizens. In order to become financially free, you must invest like the wealthy do.

Take the time to research the strategies and methods that wealthy investors use. In fact, a great number of wealthy investors have written books to help you understand the methods that they used to gain their financial freedom.

If you lack the time it takes to read inspiring books, perhaps a course on investing would better suit you. Knowledge is crucial to becoming financially free. Invest in knowledge to separate yourself from middle class and get heading in the right direction toward financial freedom.

Sean Rasmussen
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The First Step to Financial Freedom

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Especially when the economy is low as it has been in recent years, more and more people begin searching for fast ways to make a lot of money. Day in and day out you pay bill after bill, emergencies come up and repairs have to be made. Thirty or forty years later, you find yourself in the same place you have always been wondering what happened.

We all know that in order to become financially free we have to pay off our debt. All we have to do is focus on reducing and eventually eliminating any debt from our lives as quickly as possible.

All too often, people tell themselves that when the bills are paid, a few months or years from now, then they will save money and focus more on creating wealth. Unfortunately, as the years go by nothing seems to happen. They become frustrated and fail to get ahead.

If you really want to create wealth, you have to save a piece of every dollar that crosses your palm. Begin by opening a bank account that is not tied to any other accounts, payments, etc. Look for a savings account with the highest possible interest rate that you can find.

Save a minimum of ten percent of any income you receive no matter what. For example, if your check this week is $400, put $40 in the savings account. If your grandmother sends you a check for $100 on your birthday, put $10 in your account. Times will come when you will only have a dollar or two to deposit, but you must commit to putting away that ten percent regardless. It is the easiest way to build wealth.

No matter what happens, do not take money out of your savings account until you reach your goal. If you owe $4000 in credit card debt and you are putting money back to pay it off, do not spend a dime of that money on anything else until that debt is paid. It will take a great deal of discipline, but it can be done.

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The Automatic Millionaire

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

The secret to building wealth by becoming an automatic millionaire is to make sure that you always pay yourself first. The most important financial habit that you can develop is paying yourself first. Once you make the decision to stick with it, you will be glad you did.

Just what is meant by paying yourself first? Paying yourself first simply means that for every dollar that you gain the first person to benefit from it is you. If everyone who wanted to become financially free practiced paying himself or herself first, lives all over the world would change for good.

The best way to ensure that you are paying yourself first is to open up your own savings account for retirement. Starting a retirement account may seem like the slowest and most boring way to accumulate wealth, but it really works.

For someone who normally works forty hours a week, the formula to retire as middle class is to save one hour’s pay every day for the rest of your life. If middle class is not good enough for you, you need to focus on saving a little more than one-hour’s pay per day. To retire wealthy, you need to save a minimum of two and a half hour’s pay every day. For many, this means working overtime week after week or investing in additional work at home.

For example, imagine an employee who makes about $25 per hour. If he or she saves an hour’s pay five days a week, fifty weeks every year, they will save $6,250 every year. Depending on the interest rate you get with your savings account, in forty years you could accumulate between $700,000 and $3,000,000.

You must begin saving money as soon as you enter the work force, especially if you have hopes to retire early. In addition, it is important to search for the best interest rates you can find in order to grow your wealth to the fullest.

Sean Rasmussen
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Tips to Better Manage Your Money

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The most crucial element of your financial success is your ability to manage money. No matter if you need a steadfast way to cut your expenses, or a way to manage your newly found income, it is important to have good money management skills. If you are interested in making a substantial amount of money, you should not be afraid of managing money.

A lot of people associate money management with frugality and cutting expenses as opposed to building new income streams. Even if you already have a steady flow of major amounts of cash coming to you, you still need to learn how to manage it successfully.

In order to manage your money correctly, you need to know on exactly what you are spending your money. This is good for a couple of reasons. First, when it is time to do your taxes, you will know exactly where all of your money is coming from and where it is going. You will be able to find expenses that you can write off easily and you will be able to determine your exact tax situation.

Secondly, you will be able to see where your money goes. You will be able to find certain expenses that you really do not need and eliminate them all together. When you know where you money is going, it is easy to think about what is the most important to you.

Do not cut out the things that bring you the most pleasure like your RC airplane hobby. Instead, create more money to spend on the things you love the most by cutting out designer coffees, music downloads and other expenses you without which your life will not be affected in any major way.

By continuing to look for ways to make money, while correctly managing the money you have, you will create the wealth that you want in no time at all.

Sean Rasmussen
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Cut Your Bills to Create Wealth

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Is the current state of the global economy affecting you? If so, then you need to take the time to focus on the many ways you can turn yourself from poverty-stricken commoner to wealthy money expert. When you find yourself living in troubled times such as these, it is important to mind every penny and dime, ensuring it all goes toward something of value.

The best way to accomplish this is to put all of your monthly or weekly expenses in writing, whichever is most desirable and convenient for you. If you keep a record of your expenses, you will be able to see exactly how much of your income you are spending on things that you do not need, or in some cases, even want. With this knowledge, you will be able to create some kind of balance by eliminating anything that is not necessary.

The first place you can look to save money is with the bills that you pay. Bills come in a number of different shapes and sizes and can be detrimental to your income. It is important to look for ways to keep these bills down to a minimal level if at all possible. If you play your card right, you may find a great deal of money you never knew you had.

Electricity bills are first on the list because many people all around the world rely on electrical appliances. However, you may not need all of the energy-sucking appliances that you currently have all over you home running up your power bill each and every month.

Make it a point to turn off all the lights in any room you are not actively using. In addition, you can also save a great deal of money by unplugging your appliances when you are not using them. It may sound like a small thing, but it can save you big bucks.

Sean Rasmussen
Success Communicator
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