Wealth Creation Glossary

Wealth Creation Glossary

Universal Wealth Creation

Homepage to Universal Wealth Creation where creating new wealth strategies are constantly being looked at.

21st Century Academy

In the 21st century, wealth education programs are becoming more of a necessity than ever. This area is being catered for by 21st Century Academy and its co-founder Jamie McIntyre.

Affiliate Program

Our wealth affiliate program is where you can earn money, or commissions from referring people to the Jamie McIntyre DVD. Should they go on and purchase the full homestudy program, then you earn a $600 commission. This financial reward is paid by Universal Wealth Creation.

Andrew Dimitri

As a founding member of Planet Wealth, Andrew Dimitri keeps himself busy as an investor and a trading diary member. He has written a book about renting stocks and selling insurance on the stock market.

Angus Knight

Kinetic Securities is a stock broker in Sydney, Australia. Angus Knight is one of the brokers. He presents stock market strategies at 21st Century Academy events.

Bill Stacy

As one of the founders of Planet Wealth, known for its Trading Diary and renting stocks ebook, Bill Stacy is also known for his newfound passion as a popular seminar presenter at 21st Century Academy.

Business Opportunities
Investor Finance

When it come to getting finance for a homeloan or a property investment, or even just a finance review to establish a future line of credit, Investor Finance are definitely one of the market leaders in Australia and New Zealand.

Jamie McIntyre

A founding member of 21st Century Academy, Jamie McIntyre developed educational programs for Australians and New Zealanders and later worldwide. Having used a wealth creation strategy of renting shares, he became better known for the Jamie McIntyre ebook, sharing the financial knowledge with everyday people. His Homestudy Program is very popular and has been used by many thousands of people worldwide.

Justin Beeton

Justin Beeton is the CEO of JB Global, a boutique stock market broker based in Sydney, Australia. Their most famous strategy is the Centerboard Approach.



Nik Halik

As a Master of Stock Market Intelligence, Nik Halik has become one of the foremost stock market presenters in Australia. His own event: Money Masters draws hundreds of wealth creation hungry attendees every year. He is by far one of the most popular guest presenters at the 21st Century Academy wealth seminars.

Paper Trader Software
Planet Wealth

Bill Stacy and Andrew Dimitri are founding members of Planet Wealth. The trading diary is a well known feature of Planet Wealth as well as the Spreadfinder and the spreadulator. They also have a stock market forum for the Australian market. Renting stocks and selling insurance are popular strategies.

Sean Rasmussen

Trade Profitably

Learn how to trade profitably.

Trading Diary

Wealth Forum

Universal Wealth Creation founded the Wealth Forum in 2004 as a support structure for 21st Century Academy homestudy graduates. With strategic support from Jamie McIntyre and Andrew Dimitri, as well as others such as Bill Stacy from Planet wealth, Sean Rasmussen established the wealth creation forum to provide help to people who are seeking wealth creation resources.

Kinetic Securities

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