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Jamie McIntyre | 21st Century Academy


Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Academy gives away Free DVD's

and Books teaching Wealth Creation and Financial Education .

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21st century academy founded by jamie mcintyre

Jamie McIntyre


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Jamie McIntyre - the aussie


Jamie McIntyre is considered one of Australias foremost wealth creation seminar presenters.  At least ask any of his legion of happy customers who have attended a seminar with him in the last few years.


A self made millionaire in his twenties, he went from being dead broke to

dead serious about improving other peoples financial wealth.


His company, 21st Century Academy , has provided financial education for thousands of Australians and New Zealanders over the past few years. 


Jamie McIntyre never seems to disappoint his graduates when they turn up in their hundreds to his 3 day seminars. 


The most recent seminar was held on the Gold Coast in March 2006. Nearly 500 wealth creation hungry people turned up to further their financial education. 

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Jamie McIntyre






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