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Why People Fail To Achieve Financial Freedom

As 21st Century Academy founder Jamie McIntyre noted, there are vast differences among the people who get rich.  Some are born in absolute poverty and become millionaires by their early twenties; others are born with all the advantages and manage to squander every opportunity.  And yet there are still others who live the average life of the working, struggling middle class and eventually find their way to financial success in their middle or later years.

To look at such a diverse group, one might think it impossible to find any similarity at all.  The truth is, however, that there is a lot of similarity between not only those who succeed to create wealth and achieve financial freedom, but also among those who fail.

We can learn from this type of study.  If we can recognize why people fail, we can take action in our own lives to turn the tide of our financial future.  We can rise above the reasons why people fail financially and still learn to create wealth of our own.

Why People Fail At Wealth Creation

It might be surprising that the reasons why people fail to make money and achieve financial wealth can be reduced down to just two.

  • Denial

Though many are not aware, and many more will not want to admit it, the majority of people are living in denial of money.  Can that even be so?  Consider this—how often do people say that they have no interest in money; that money isn’t everything; that they do not need money to be happy?

Yet, that same person spends the best years of his or her life—all the years of his or her life in many cases—waking up and going to work in search of more and more money.  They are on a constant quest for something they supposedly don’t even want.  It hardly makes sense.

It doesn’t make sense because there is no truth in it.  We all want money.  We all want comfort.  We all need money to live. 

  • Blame and Excuses

Accountability is not big in modern society today.  No one is to blame for their own plight—including his or her personal financial situation.

The people who fail to create wealth have lists and lists of excuses for not making money and plenty of people and circumstances to blame for their current situation.  And always, someone else or something else is to blame in whole or in part.  Always, something has taken financial control out of the hands of those people.

Overcoming Failure

Is there a solution then?  Can the average man or woman, stuck in a cycle of denial, blame and excuses, salvage his or her personal financial situation and still build wealth?  Still achieve a life of financial freedom?

For certain, that man, that woman, can.  Three things make it possible:

  • Gratitude
  • Accountability
  • Action


A man or a woman who can step back, be thankful for that which he or she has (and we all have something!), take responsibility for his or her own financial situation, and then take action to change it, can indeed create wealth—at any age!

Wealth creation is a real possibility for anyone; anyone, that is, with the willingness to learn and to grow, to stop living in denial of their interest in money, and start living a life of thanks, accountability, and wealth creation action.


About the author:

Sean Rasmussen is the webmaster and founder of Universal Wealth Creation.

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