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Creating a Mindset for Success at Anything

Your mind is your best tool when you want to create success in your life.  While we're often led to believe that the answers and the keys are outside of ourselves, this is not the case.  Just as Dorothy always had the power to go home with her ruby slippers, you too have the power to make the changes you want to make in your life. No matter what you want and where you want to go, once you change your mind, you will begin to change your life.

Here are some ways to create a positive mindset to help you achieve success in any area of your life.

Clarify Your Goal

Too often, we think we know what we want, but if we were asked, we aren't quite sure what our specific goal is.  For example, you might want to lose weight, but how much weight do you want to lose?  How quickly do you want to lose it?  Why do you want to lose it?  The key to changing your mindset for success is to really get into your own head to find out what you want and what you need to do in order to get it.  So, instead of saying that you want to lose weight, you might want to rephrase your goal: I want to lose 25 pounds in the next year by eating more balanced meals and exercising on most days of the week.  You can even get more specific than that, but that's certainly an improved direction for your goals.

Repetition Helps to Change Your Mind

When you move a muscle in your body over and over, your muscle begins to 'remember' what you are doing and can perform the task without a lot of guidance from your mind.  This is referred to as muscle memory. Athletes rely on it and you can too.  By repeating certain thoughts in your head, you can begin to create memory muscle that guides your mind to positive thinking even if the world around you is trying to be negative.

Many people accomplish this positive lifestyle by creating affirmations they repeat to themselves.  For example, if you want more money in your life, you might focus on repeating to yourself: I am worth more money or I am making good money now, but I'm on my way to making even more.  Whenever you have a moment, you should be repeating these affirmations to yourself.  You can even write these affirmations down and posting them places where you can see them easily.  The more you look at these positive sayings and the more you repeat them to yourself, the stronger the imprint in your mind – and that affects the actions you take.

Argue With Yourself

We all have negative thoughts, but in order to create more success for ourselves, we need to learn how to turn these thoughts into more positive ideas.  This entails arguing with ourselves on a subconscious or even a conscious level.  Whenever you have a negative thought in the next hour, write it down on a piece of paper.  Don’t be alarmed if there are many negative things; right now, you're just learning what you are thinking so that you can change it.

Next to each negative thought, try to turn the thought into something positive.  For example, if you are thinking that this class is boring, just turn that thought into: this class isn't my favorite, but it's right before a class I really like.  With each change of thought, you begin to change the way your mind thinks about everything.  And that leads to positive results and rewards in your own life.

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