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 ITS Networks (OTCBB: ITST), New Profiled Featured Company on Telecom Stocks Industry Research Sector for InvestorIdeas.com
 By: dawn van zant

  Nov. 17th, 2004

ITS Networks (OTCBB: ITST), New Profiled Featured Company on Telecom Stocks Industry Research Sector for InvestorIdeas.com

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Nov 17th, 2004 - www.InvestorIdeas.com is pleased to announce ITS Networks (OTCBB: ITST) has retained the services of InvestorIdeas.com and is currently a profiled featured Company on our telecom industry research pages for investors interested in wireless and cellular stocks.

InvestorIdeas.com does not make recommendations, but offers a unique, free information portal to investors to research news, articles, interviews, featured company sponsors and a growing list of participating public companies.

Telecom Industry Research pages:

ITS Networks, which was established in 1996, bought wholly-owned subsidiary Teleconnect Comunicaciones, S.A. ("Teleconnect"). Teleconnect provides commercial and residential users a very competitive array of prepaid phone services, and now offers a new service to Spanish cellphone users called “Go Tel,” that provides savings of up to 80% on international long-distance calls!

Any of Spain’s 37 million cellphone users can now call a local number and have their long distance call routed through Teleconnect's switches at fixed-line prices. Accessing this service can now be done without a PIN number, as the Company’s system will now recognize individual’s cell phone numbers when they make the call.

Vice President and Teleconnect CEO, Herman de Haas says “Our retail network, has over 5000 points of distribution, and we are aggressively in the process of signing up more retailers. By starting up the wholesale business line, we feel quite confident that we will reach our three-year objective."

The Company also intends to seek out potential foreign players with complimentary services who wish to enter the Spanish market, where prepaid phone cards were worth 90 Million € in 2002, and international calling from Call Shops amounted to 240M € that same year.

ITS Networks’ Corporate Profile: http://investorideas.com/CO/ITST/CorporateProfile.asp

ECON offer clients customized, comprehensive corporate IR/PR programs, corporate strategies and industry research within specific sectors.

SOURCE: InvestorIdeas.com

For more information contact:
Dawn Van Zant 800-665-0411
Trevor Ruehs 866-730-1151
Email: dvanzant@investorideas.com or truehs@investorideas.com

Disclaimer: ECON Corporate Services Inc (ECON) is the owner of this domain.
ECON is a privately owned corporate communications company specializing in: media relations, investor relations, and research on public companies and industry sectors, for the investment community. Nothing on our sites should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any specific products or securities. All investments involve risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results, therefore investigate before you invest! Although we attempt to research thoroughly, we offer no guarantees as to the accuracy of any information presented. We encourage all investors to use our sites only as a resource to further their own research.
The site is compensated by its "Featured Companies,” as outlined in our on-line disclaimer at www.InvestorIdeas.com/About/Disclaimer.asp
ITS Networks, Inc. currently pays four thousand dollars per month.

About the author:
InvestorIdeas.com does not make recommendations, but offers a unique, free information portal to investors to research news, articles, interviews, featured company sponsors and a growing list of participating public companies.

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